A list of future works of Jamie McGuire. What she's working on currently and in the future!

Upcoming projects…

All the Little Lights


Dark Young Adult novel about Catherine Calhoun and the frightening secrets living inside the walls of her home.


Trex: A Novel (Crash and Burn Series, Book One)

Spring 2017.

Book one of a new McGuire series about the Alpine Hotshots and their comrades. 

Unable to continue working under Thomas Maddox at the San Diego division of the FBI, Scottie "Trex" Trexler finds himself recruited to another government agency in Estes Park, Colorado. He just begins to find peace and feel at home when a runaway bride begins working the front desk of his hotel.


Official synopsis coming soon.


Zeke: A Novel (Crash and Burn Series, Book Two)

Summer 2017.

Following Zeke, a hot shot firefighter for the Alpine division. Official synopsis coming soon.


Untitled: A Novel (Crash and Burn Series, Book Three)

Fall 2017.

Official synopsis coming soon.


Abernathy: A Novel (Beautiful Disaster Prequel - Working Title)



Beautiful Oblivion 2 (working title)


The continuing story of Trenton Maddox and his love interest, Camille.


Red Hill 2 (working title)



Apolonia 2 (working title)



Sins of the Innocent: A Novella (Part Two)



Untitled: A Novel (Other Lives Series, Book One)


Book one of an all-new McGuire series centered around the Maddox family. 


DMCA Enforced