McGuire Monday: Do you get it?

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We cooked a ridiculous amount of food and are still eating the leftovers, because Turkey Chili is UH-MAYZIN. Cowboy put up the Christmas lights in the dark, and when I say dark, I mean pitch black darkness because we live in the country. The roof was also icy, and he feared for his life. Why did Cowboy do something so risky? Because I took the spawn to my grandparents (a two hour drive). Cowboy insisted he stay home and string the Christmas lights. When I got home, the house was dark. Cowboy decided to go hunting instead of stringing the lights. Have you ever been married to a ginger? Going hunting with your BFF Billy (yes, I'm throwing you under the bus here, buddy) instead of putting up Christmas lights because you tricked your red-headed wife into taking all the kids is far riskier than stringing Christmas lights in the dark.

angry redhead.png

The next day, I woke up to find that the Christmas lights were so messy I was sure the deer Cowboy had shot the night before had returned from the dead, drank a few too many Budweisers, and strung them along the roof himself. Cowboy had to take them all down and re-do them. You know the happy cowboys in the movies that sing songs? I did not have that kind of cowboy today.

I'm excited for tomorrow, though, because I will have spent a full night with beautiful, straight Christmas lights, and it is MCGUIRE MONDAY! What is this McGuire Monday, you ask? Let me tell you a story (because this is what I do) :

After learning that not all of my 70k+ Facebook followers were able to see my posts, and feeling frustrated every time a reader would say, "You held a book signing that close to me? Wish I would have known!", I decided to take action. That idea turned into a newsletter we affectionately call McGuire Monday.


McGuire Monday goes out on the first Monday of every month. It includes little messages from me, updates on new releases, current and upcoming projects, but more importantly it lets my readers know what events are coming up so they never have to say "Oh, man!" again! You can subscribe by signing up right here on my website! Enter basic information, and POOF! you're in the club.

If you're still not convinced, another great reason to subscribe to McGuire Monday is the constant barrage of free stuff. No, really. I love giving things away, ESPECIALLY during the holidays. I love giving things away when I hit a big number of likes on Facebook or Twitter. I love giving things away when I have an upcoming book release, cover release, or just when I'm have a smantastic day. For you, this means Kindle Paperwhites, Kindle Fires, Nooks, iPad Minis, signed books, audiobooks, and once in a while, I invite subscribers to enter for a chance to receive a phone call from me to chat about the upcoming A Beautiful Wedding novella like we're doing TODAY! =)

So ... what are you waiting for? Updates? Exclusive news and giveaways? Behind-the-scenes pictures you won't see anywhere else? All this with the promise not to fill up your inbox and only come once a month unless it's for a reason you will be super happy about? Why wouldn't you subscribe?!

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