Do you need beta readers?

Not at this time.

How does one become a beta reader?

I don't know how other authors choose their beta readers, and I imagine it's different for everyone. I chose two readers who I've known for more than two years, and whom I've come to trust. 2013 was my first year to have beta readers, and I hesitate to even categorize them as such, because I can't be thrown into editing or revising mode when I'm writing (creative mode). For me, I need cheerleading to keep me motivated, and then a beta reader who offer suggestions when I'm finished.

What inspired you to start writing?

I have written since my birthday party in the third grade when Ryan Coffey gifted me my first diary. I wrote in every page, front and back, and once that was full, I asked my mom to purchase me a three-ring binder which I filled with loose leaf notebook paper. I used that as a journal and wrote almost every day. By the time I graduated high school, I had twenty-one journals, with the pages filled front and back. I also wrote small play-like stories, usually about my crushes–because let’s face it–the only way you’re going to kiss a boy when you’re gangly, red-headed and covered in freckles is to write about it.

Providence exists because my best friend, Beth, called me one January evening and a conversation about blogging turned into the famous question, “Why don’t you just write a book?” I answered, “Well, there is this story I’ve been chewing on for five years.” I told her the basics of my idea, and she said, after a dramatic pause, “I have goosebumps. Get off the phone, sit down at your computer right now and start writing!” So I did.

Do you plan to write other books?

Yes. Please visit the books tab for a complete list of my works, reading order, and upcoming projects.

I am involved in [insert charity here]. Would you be interested in donating money/a signed book/promoting it on your site?

I am genuinely appreciative of anyone involved in raising awareness and money for charity. I am involved in charities near and dear to my heart, too, that I donate time and funds to every year. It is impossible for me to donate books and/or money to everyone who asks, and because I don’t wish to discriminate, I’ve decided it’s best to donate to my charities only. Thank you so much for doing your part!

I would like to buy a signed copy of [insert book here]. Do you have Paypal? Where can I send the book?

Beautiful Disaster is available in a Special Signed Hardcover Edition from Amazon HERE. Beautiful Oblivion is available in a special signed hardcover edition HERE. These are limited editions, and once they're sold out, they will no longer be available. As of July 2015, I will no longer offer signed previous releases in the McGuire Shop. Only current releases will be available for a limited number of preorders. I will sign them and then they will be shipped release week. Pre-orders will be closed on release day and will not reopen.

Unfortunately, I do not accept books to my personal address to sign (I would be at this all day, and not getting much accomplished on the writing front!). I also do not keep stock in my home to sign and send. I do attend conferences and hold signings. Please take a moment to check out my events page HERE to see if I will be at an event near you!

Do you plan on printing [insert book name here] in hardback?

Hardbacks must be paid for upfront, stored here, 1,000 ordered at a time, and do not move quickly.

Once current stored hardbacks are sold, I will order more hardbacks of [insert book name here].

I love your books, but have only read them on my eReader. Can I send you my eReader cover/will you send me a sheet of paper with your autograph?

I appreciate so much that you enjoyed my books, but things do get lost in the mail, and I would feel terrible if your eReader cover (many have other signatures on them as well!) was one of them. Because of that reason, I do not accept eReader covers in the mail. However, I would love to sign your eReader cover at a book signing/event!

To protect the integrity of items with my signature, I do not mail out my signature on note cards, etc. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Will you send me a signed bookmark/autographed head shot?
Sorry, no (see previous answer). I don't keep any of those things on hand to sign and send out. Sometimes I have postcards and/or bookmarks at book signings that I love to sign for those who only have the eBook, but I don't keep extras at my home.

Would you be interested in writing a blurb for the front cover of my book?

Please contact my agent, Kevan Lyons (see contact page), for blurb requests, and please be aware that I only offer a few blurbs a year.


I am having a 25/100/500/1000 like giveaway. Would you be interested in donating a copy of your book?

As you can imagine, both my publisher and I get an overwhelming amount of these "likes giveaways" requests each week. Unfortunately, due to cost (book+shipping) multiplied by number of blogs, I regret that it has become necessary to form a policy not to donate to likes giveaways. I'm sure you understand!

If you would like an ARC for an upcoming release in exchange for an honest review, please contact Atria Books. 

I would love to interview for my blog. Is this possible?

Please provide a link to where you've reviewed my books in the past, along with basic information about your blog, such as followers, hits per day, and how long you've been blogging.

Are you interested in a blog takeover?

No, but thank you for asking. I find it difficult to keep up with my own!

Can I get an interview from Travis Maddox?

I used to do character interviews, but quite honestly it makes me feel foolish, and I don't do them anymore. If I agree to an interview, I conduct them as myself.

I would like to review Beautiful Disaster. Would you send me a copy for review?

Beautiful Disaster has been published since June 2011. ARCS for that books have long been spoken for. Beautiful Disaster has over 4,000 reviews on Amazon, so giving away free copies of a three year old book for review isn't cost effective.

I would love for you to attend/speak at my event!

I love events, but I only budget for a few per year. Please send requests via the contact form on this website.