Includes answers for Walking Disaster, A Beautiful Wedding, and the Maddox Brothers series.


What is the reading order for the Beautiful Disaster series?

You can view the reading order for all of my books here.

Where can I find the Beautiful Disaster sequel, Endlessly Beautiful?

Endlessly Beautiful will publish on my blog in the Fall of 2016.  Endlessly Beautiful is an unedited sequel and just for fun -- some of the timeline and details may be a bit off as I do this in my spare time and don't research previous books as I normally would for priced novels.  I will publish Endlessly Beautiful in paperback after it's complete.  


Is it true that Beautiful Disaster is going to be a movie?

Books that are optioned seldom make it all the way to the screen. Warner Bros. optioned the film rights for Beautiful Disaster, and that option ended May 13, 2014. I have high hopes that Beautiful Disaster will be a movie some day, but it doesn't look like it will be as soon as we had hoped.

If you would like to help bring Beautiful Disaster to life, please use social media and the hashtag #BeautifulDisasterMovie to contact film/television/production companies like @FickleFishFilms, @SummitEntertainment, @ParamountPics, @DW_pictures, @NewLine_Cinema, and others like @Netflix, and @HBO (I would love to see Beautiful Disaster as a series!) Let them know there is interest! 

Who has been cast for the Beautiful Disaster movie?

See above.

I would love to play the part of Abby Abernathy/Pidge. How can I audition? 

Auditions for the roles in the Beautiful Disaster movie have not been scheduled. I cannot help you get the part. It is totally up to the studio. Sorry!

Where can I find the book Mrs. Maddox (Beautiful 1.5)?

Mrs. Maddox was actually a blog post I wrote for Valentine's Day 2013. You can read it for free here.

Will there be a paperback version of A Beautiful Wedding: A Novella?

Yes! Purchase it here.

What books are included in the Beautiful Disaster series?

Beautiful Disaster, Walking Disaster, and A Beautiful Wedding: A Novella (see reading order)

Will you write more for Travis and Abby?

I am considering an Abby prequel. Read the free sequel to Beautiful Disaster, Endlessly Beautiful here

Do you send bookmarks/bookplates?

No, I do not keep those on hand to send. My apologies for any inconvenience!

Will you write a book for Shepley and America?

Buy Shepley and America's novella, Something Beautiful, here

Will you write books for Travis's brothers?

Yes, the first Maddox bros book, titled Beautiful Oblivion, released July 1, 2014. The second installment, Beautiful Redemption, released January 25, 2015. Beautiful Sacrifice released May 31, 2015, and Beautiful Burn, the fourth and final installment, released January 31, 2016.

Where can I buy a Property of Travis Maddox t-shirt? 

You can find the Travis T and  more at the website Shop.  

Is there an audiobook for Beautiful Disaster?

Yes. The audiobook links can be found on the Beautiful Disaster page HERE.

Where can I find signed copies of Beautiful Disaster?

A second print of Beautiful Disaster limited edition signed hardbacks have been released! You can find them here. You can also find signed limited edition hardbacks of Walking Disaster here:

Simon and Schuster
Barnes & Noble
Book Depository

What is the song that Travis sang to Pidge at her birthday party?

“Thing for You” by Hinder.

How did you come up with the idea for Beautiful Disaster?

I wrote Beautiful Disaster  for fun while editing ProvidenceBeautiful Disaster was never meant to be published. I didn’t think it had a strong, intricate plot like Providence. I thought it was fluff. Beautiful Disaster was made up of several of my own college experiences mixed in with a lot of fiction. I wrote it for myself and a couple of girlfriends, and wrote it the way I wanted, without thinking anyone else would read it. As the other novels I’ve written always seem to, Beautiful Disaster molded into what it is today while I was writing. I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t contemplate the plot or characters. I just wrote.

Why is the 13 on Chapter 13 scribbled out, and replaced with 14?

Abby hates the number 13 (Lucky 13), and the book is from her point of view, so when I got to chapter 13, I thought it just made sense as Abby telling the story that she would want to cross it out.

Will there be a sequel to Beautiful Disaster / Walking Disaster?

At this time no sequel is plannedI will be writing books for all four of the Maddox brothers, beginning with Trent’s story (released in English worldwide July 1, 2014)! Thomas will be next, and then I will write for each of the twins.

Update: I have considered a prequel for Abby, the setting in Las Vegas and Wichita. I have no release date or time frame for this project, yet.

What is Walking Disaster?

Walking Disaster is the the companion book to Beautiful Disaster—the story from Travis’s POV.

Is Walking Disaster a sequel?

No, it is a companion novel, the story of Beautiful Disaster told from Travis's point-of-view. But, you can expect to see a lot of new things in WD, and a great look into Travis & Abby’s future.

When will Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster/Beautiful Oblivion be available in my country/language?

Currently, Beautiful Disaster has been translated in over 50 languages. 

What is the significance of the blue butterfly on the covers?

Justin McClure designed the cover for Beautiful Disaster, and his interpretation was very literal: Butterfly in a jar = beautiful disaster. When I commissioned Damon of to design the cover for Walking Disaster, I wanted some form of continuity, and we both felt the butterfly was the best visual component to carry over. A lot of people ask me if Travis really has a butterfly tattoo, and the answer is: probably not. But for the purposes of the cover, the symbolism works.

Can I get a print copy of Beautiful Disaster with the original tongue cover?

No. Unfortunately, that cover was never in print.

Beautiful Oblivion FAQ

I loved the book, but didn't understand the ending. What was T.J.'s secret? ((answer has possible spoiler))

First I will ask you: Have you read Walking Disaster's epilogue? Second: did you read Beautiful Oblivion to the end? If your answers are yes to both, then think about the last three words in the book. Those words reveal T.J.'s true identity.

When does Beautiful Oblivion take place?

Beautiful Oblivion begins a bit before Beautiful Disaster, and ends a bit after.

How did Trenton not know who T.J. really was in such a small town?

Because T.J. took great care to make sure no one knew what he did or that he was dating Cami. There is more than one reason for this, such as T.J. knowing in advance about Trenton's true feelings for Cami.

What about Cami's family and Olive? There wasn't enough closure.

Those are their own stories, and they definitely need and will get another book.

Does that mean a Beautiful Oblivion sequel?

Stay tuned. ;)


Other Beautiful FAQs

When will Beautiful Burn's audio book/hardcover be available?

Hardcover: 6-8 weeks post release date so approximately mid to late March 2016.

Audio book: We haven't yet begun production. I'm thinking approximately six months, but it could be much sooner.

Is Beautiful Burn the last Maddox book?

I still plan to write an as yet untitled book that will include the entire family, a prequel for Abby that ends the night she meets Travis, and sequels for the Maddox Brothers books that will include a bit of the previous book from the male POV. 

When Will The Maddox Brothers paperbacks be back in stock in the McGuire Shop?

As of July 2015, we will no longer restock signed paperbacks except during the holiday season. 250 copies of each book will be available for preorder approximately two weeks prior to release date. Please watch the shop during this time. Once the 250 units are sold, there will be no more offered except a limited amount during the month of December. Signed hardbacks are always available. 

Will you write more about the Maddox Family?

Yes. Stay tuned. :)