Audio Books, Sales, and Cover Reveals!

Did you know that Providence and Apolonia have audio books available now for purchase?


I am super excited about these audio books. Carly Robins reads for Nina in Providence, and she has just finished production of book two in the series, REQUIEM, and it will be available any day! Listening to my debut novel come alive has brought back so many memories, and I know it will do the same for you!

Apolonia is truly a work of art, read by Xe Sands. She tackles this difficult narration with such skill, I was absolutely blown away. If you read Apolonia and loved it, you'll definitely want to listen to the audio book. It's the next best thing to watching the movie!

Also, the Providence trilogy bundle is on sale for only $4.99! 


If you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet (on the homepage), now is the time! McGuire Monday is happening 12/9, and will include an exclusive link to see the early cover reveal of Beautiful Redemption! The feedback I've heard so far is that this is the best cover yet, so sign up and be on the first to see it!

If you haven't heard, the A Beautiful Wedding Book Event is January 31! That is less than 55 days away, but there is still time to sign up! Readers have been raving about how affordable the event is, even though it's in Las Vegas! From the event tickets to cheap airfare, to amazing prices on blocked rooms, we are trying our hardest to give you a fantastic weekend at a reasonable price!

So come out and meet your favorite authors--even Travis & Abby will be there!

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A Beautiful Wedding Book Event