I'm ready. Are you ready?! It's 1:56 AM here, the generator chose a winner almost two hours ago, and I am extremely excited to share this with you!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in the 100,000 likes giveaway. My Facebook page has already soared to over 102k since we hit 100k. I am so humbled by all of your amazing support. 

I know we had a small snag last Monday with the 'most likes' contest (I thought I was brilliant, but I'll never do that again!), but overall the past week has been a lot of fun, and I loved celebrating this huge milestone with all of you.

So ... without making you wait a second longer, the grand prize winner for the BOOK BASH trip, including two tickets to Book Bash, two airline tickets, a hotel room, and of course a Travis Maddox T-shirt goes to Jessica Landers. And I must say, I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED for Jessica! She will definitely put those tickets to good use, because she is a SUPER FAN of so many authors. 

Congratulations, Jessica! Email me your travel info once you pick a travel companion. Please make it ASAP so we can get started on booking, etc. 


The random pineapple says 




Thanks again, everyone. =)