Living three hours from Denver, Cheyenne, and even farther from pretty much any other shopping mecca, I am constantly poking around on the internet. Web shopping is sort of my thing. Occasionally I come across some pretty great deals, so I'm passing these deals on to you! 





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Top-rated Kindle books and my favorite, the new Amazon Dash Buttons! If you've used Amazon's Subscribe & Save, this takes that convenience one step further. Instead of having shipments come to your door (that you may or may not need), the Dash button is placed next to


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SMELL SO GOOD YOU WILL WANT TO EAT YOUR OWN ARM. Author Abbi Glines always smells good. Every time I go anywhere with her, people comment on how good she smells. In January 2015, when we took a weekend in NYC, I finally figured out her secret. Now I smell myself all the time, because it's just. that. good. I've struggled with whether I want to share this with the world, or if I don't want anyone else to smell as good as me. Well ... Abbi Glines and me. Because I love you, here you go:

Lord & Taylor - Laura Mercier Coconut Almond Milk Body Butter

Now, this is the good stuff. Do not settle for the Creme Brulee, or the Creme de Pistache. It is not the eat-your-own-arm-off and college-boys-chase-you-down smell you're trying to achieve. This is so good it gets stolen almost everywhere I go, mostly by hotel housekeepers. I can't even blame them. It's nose crack, and it's legal. 

You're welcome.

You're welcome.

Comphy Sheets

No, really. COMPHY. The COMPHIEST. Yes, I still know how to spell. Read on...

In January 2014, I went to a spa in Scottsdale, AZ with some of my best girlfriends called Montelucia. It was an amazing experience. I met the best masseuse I've ever encountered, Joel Sheposh, and his wife Lauren, who also happens to be a psychic medium. Spending the weekend with my friends was enough to make the weekend great, but when I relaxed on the massage table, I felt something I'd never felt before: sheets. Not just any sheets, my friend, Comphy sheets. I petted them; so much that I was embarrassing myself in front of Joel. Thankfully, he said many of his clients do this because the sheets are just that amazing. He gave me the brand, and I looked up the website as soon as I got home. These sheets are not a high thread count, or even Egyptian cotton. They are spun microfiber. I used to feel itchy at night--my ears, my arm, whatever skin was touching the sheet, no matter how high-dollar. Comphy sheets are not inexpensive, but they are worth EVERY penny! I purchased the baby set for my new niece, and these sheets will pretty much be my gift to everyone I love from now on. They are just that wonderful. 

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