5 Days of Travismas!

♫♫♫ Fa lalalala la la la laaaaaa ♫♫♫


Our living room. Not really.

Our living room. Not really.

I love this time of year. The lights. The trees. The presents. The spirit of giving. I can't explain it, but the holidays make me feel different than any other time of year. In a good way.

So it's always particularly exciting when I have a book release around the holidays. In February 2013, I held a month long Travispalooza. It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun, but it didn't have the same feel. Travismas is going to be the platform for my biggest giveaways yet, and I can't WAIT for it to start tomorrow so we can have a lot of fun while we're counting down the release of A Beautiful Wedding!

We already have a contest going on right now, exclusive to newsletter subscribers (this happens a lot. If you don't subscribe, the sign up box is on the right side bar of this page!) for my Facebook page reaching 70,000 likes (wow! I remember when it hit 500!). The winner will receive a signed hardback copy of A Beautiful Wedding, AND a phone call from me to discuss! How fun is that?!

During that time, I also reached 40,000 likes on Twitter. Because of that awesomeness, we're creating a separate contest with the same prize for my Tweeps! Click on the link at the bottom of this blog to enter. All you have to do is follow me on Twitter OR (if you already do) post a Tweet about entering the contest, using the hashtag #callmemaybe. You can do all of this through Rafflecopter, so just click on the link and you can complete everything in one step!


Tomorrow, I will announce the winners here, on Facebook, on Twitter, and Instagram. The two winners will have until midnight CST to claim their prize, and to set up a predetermined time for me to call and chat.

Tomorrow on the blog (besides the winners being announced) you'll find a featured blog about Travis, and I will present another contest and another prize. The 5 days leading up to A Beautiful Wedding's release, we'll be giving away prizes that get BIGGER and CRAZIER every day, so be sure to check my website, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram from tomorrow until the release day: December 10th!

~ Jamie

 Click the Rafflecopter link below to enter the 40k Twitter Likes contest to be entered to win an early hardback edition of A Beautiful Wedding and a phone call from Jamie McGuire!


December 5-10!

December 5-10!