Among Monsters Cover Reveal & Playlist

I am so excited to show you this cover! My go-to gal for amazing, Sarah Hansen with Okay Creations whipped up this gem, and I know if you're a fan of Red Hill, you're going to flip just like I did!

Among Monsters was really exciting (and at times scary--which I don't recall feeling when writing Red Hill)! I think because I was writing about the fears and struggles of two young girls who are modeled after my own two daughters, it was exceptionally intense for me. This novella ended up being quite a bit longer than I had anticipated. I had thought it would be the size of my Happenstance novellas--around 27k, but Among Monsters ended up being a monster of its own at 48k and 200 pages! I can't wait to share it with you this Halloween, and I'm really excited to hear feedback on this gorgeous cover. 

Two things about Among Monsters you might not know: 

  • Among Monsters will be an Amazon exclusive, which means that it will only be available in the Kindle format. However, you can always download the FREE Kindle app to your device to read. 
  • Among Monsters was going to be in eBook form only, but due to demand, I've decided to make it available in paperback form. Among Monsters will not be available on my website, only from, and possibly Barnes&, and The Book Depository. You can always ask, retailers are usually very happy to order it for you!
  • Even thought it's told from a young teen's POV, Among Monsters is not YA. 

Without further adieu, please see the Among Monsters cover below, and don't forget to scroll down to check out the playlist!


*sigh So beautiful and eerie and intriguing all at the same time. Thank you, Sarah, for once again doing a superb job! 

Pre-order links will be live in the next 48 hours, so come back here or check in with my Facebook page for those links. 

Music to Inspire

The playlist for Among Monsters was extremely difficult to put together this time! A horror/suspense/apocalyptic novel told from the POV of a thirteen-year-old girl? Impossible! But I'm proud to say that, with oldest spawn's help, I put together a pretty great list guaranteed get you in the Among Monsters mood! You'll notice it's pretty heavy in certain artists. Gotta love 'em. ;)


There She Goes - Sixpence None the Richer

When I Grow Up - Jennifer O'Connor

Little Ben - Two Steps From Hell

Thistle & Weeds - Mumford & Sons

So Bored - Sia

Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford & Sons

Ghost - Ella Henderson

Just Hold On (We're Going Home) - Christina Grimme

Kill and Run - Sia

Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons

I Won't Give Up - Christina Grimme

White Witch - Two Steps From Hell

You Are My Sunshine - The Civil Wars

You Have Been Loved - Sia

Beautiful Girl - Sarah McLachlan

Soon We'll Be Found - Sia

I'm in Here (Acoustic Version) - Sia

Last War - Haley Bonar

After the Storm - Mumford & Sons

Lullaby - Sia

Beautiful Calm Driving - Sia



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