Red Hill Voted Best Dystopian of 2014!


Do you know what's better than a book that was super close to your heart but never quite broke out winning an award? 


I am so honored and excited that Red Hill won UtopYA's Best Dystopian of 2014

So many people ask, "Will I like it?" They might say, "I'm a scaredy cat!" or "I'm not a fan of zombies". 

Anyone who has read Red Hill will tell you that it is NOT a book about zombies. Red Hill is about a mother and her daughters. It's about sisters,  best friends, old and new lovers, and one really super fine soldier who just got back from a tour in Afghanistan. Red Hill is about survival, love, and what you would do for your family--and not your typical family. The one that will inevitably be molded when strangers must depend on each other when the world goes to hell. 

If you're still not sure, download the free sample. The audiobook is my very favorite. I've listened to it several times on road trips, that's how much I love it! 

Still not sure? Read the reviews, or, I invite fans who've read and loved Red Hill to comment here to let you know that they were once skeptical, too, but once they made the leap, they didn't know why they waited so long. I would be willing to wager that 50% of people who have read and loved Red Hill were not zombie fanatics

If you're familiar with my writing, and you enjoy it, Red Hill is no different. If you get to the halfway mark and it doesn't make you feel emotion like you know a McGuire novel can, return it. But take the chance! RED HILL is about love, but all kinds of love. I'm so thankful to UTopYA for the recognition!