Fifteen-Year-Old Author Offers Debut Novel for Pre-Order on

Photo credit: Amy Murtola

Photo credit: Amy Murtola

At barely fifteen, high school freshman Eden Fierce will release her debut novel, Eyes of the Woods in just four days. Inspired to write the story two years ago, she asked for a computer. Upon receiving a small Dell laptop for good grades a few months later, Fierce opened a blank document and began typing the first words of what would be her first self-published novel.

Eden may have an author for a mother, but her passion to write has always been a part of her. She has inspirations to graduate high school and move on to secondary education, majoring in English. “I’m not sure what I’ll do if I’m not an author. There is no Plan B, nothing else I want to do,” she says with a girlish grin.

The young author’s home sits on a small ranch in northwest Oklahoma. She lives with her parents and two siblings. Fierce enjoys reading as well as writing. Among her current favorites, author Colleen Hoover, JK Rowling, and Dina Silver. The indie influences no doubt a result of Fierce’s mother, bestselling hybrid author Jamie McGuire, who first hit the New York Times with her internationally bestselling hit, Beautiful Disaster, while still self-published. “Eden told me about her ideas for a young lady growing up in a dystopian society. She detailed the girl’s family structure—a family of vampire hunters called the Priory—and the social hierarchy surrounding them. I read as she wrote, and thought, Wow. There is huge potential here already. She’s going to blow me away one of these days. I asked her if she wanted to pitch her book to publishers. My agent, Amy Tannenbaum, was enthusiastic about representing her. Eden just wasn’t interested at this stage. She wanted to avoid the pressure. I thought that showed maturity. Some girls her age might jump at the chance to sign with a major publisher, with thoughts of Veronica Roth, screenplays and book tours, but for now Eden just wants to write, and I want to facilitate that for her for as long as I can.”  

Eyes of the Woods, a young adult paranormal romance, is slated to release on Fierce’s fifteenth birthday, August 25. Fierce has also published I Come in Peace, an essay about a melodramatic caterpillar and a confused bird finding a way to be friends, on Amazon’s KDP platform at just eleven years old. She has since removed the essay to concentrate on her promising career as a novelist.

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