The Providence Audio Book is Here!

This has been a loooong time coming! Five years kind of long! Providence, book one of the Providence Trilogy, is my first book baby, a labor of love, and the story I'm most proud to have written. I began writing Providence in January of 2009, after a friend suggested that I should move from blogging on MySpace to writing a full-length novel. I was a mom, a full-time student in a Radiography program, and was cleaning houses for extra money when I wasn't studying. So the logical thing to do was begin writing a novel! Once I started, I couldn't stop. I was possessed, and haven't stopped since.

When I sold the rights to Beautiful Disaster two and half years later, Atria Books also inquired about Providence. I opted to keep the series self-published, but never went on to create an audio book, despite reader demand. 

Very smart author Jasinda Wilder

Very smart author Jasinda Wilder

At RT this year, I found myself at an author dinner sitting across from my good friend Jasinda Wilder. "What do you mean you haven't made audio books for that series?" she asked, completely stunned. Jasinda went on to tell me her experience with ACX, how easy and enjoyable it had been for her, and how satisfying it was to provide audio books for the growing audio book audience. I promised her that I would look into it, although I'd made that promise to myself years ago. But it seemed so daunting. 

When I returned home from RT, I sat down and typed in the letters A-C-X into Google, and set up an account minutes later. Within an hour I had received more than a dozen auditions for Providence! I am still shocked at how easy the process was, start to finish, and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner, just like that smart, sassy Jasinda Wilder said I would!

I handpicked the narrator, Carly Robins, and we collaborated until the final product was something we were both proud to produce. Carly was amazing to work with, and I couldn't have asked for a better first experience!

Providence, book one of the Providence trilogy, is available NOW, right this second, for download on Amazon and! 

For all of my hardcore Providence fans, this is most definitely for you! One-clickity click below!

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