Exclusive! Beautiful Burn Excerpt

Beautiful Burn is getting so close ... so close. I can almost hear pages flipping and the sound of fingertips sliding across eReaders. I can almost smell the smoke. ;) If I could be a fly on the wall when you read this book ... that would be amazing. I've watched two of my beta readers read this book in its entirety, one in person, the other on Google Hangout, and the number of times I saw wide eyes or hands covering their mouths made me want to high-five myself. I would love nothing more than to see those reactions from you. Even when you're rolling your eyes in frustration--the same way you did with Abby--or shake your head in disbelief--the same way you did with Travis. If Beautiful Burn isn't your favorite, it will be your second favorite Beautiful Book, and I'm okay with that.

Today, the Southern Belles Book Blog posted an excerpt of Beautiful Burn. It was hard for me to find one that didn't give too much away, but still incorporated the constant emotion or action within the pages. 

Read below, and I hope you enjoy! And, if you haven't pre-ordered yet ... it's a great day to one-click!

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^^ Click link above to read excerpt from Beautiful Burn: A Novel (Maddox Brother Series #4), out January 31!^^

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