The Dudleys

Myke and Angela Dudley have four children of their own, but they are also home for up to eight foster children, at capacity most of the time. Myke and Angela take in high-risk children, those who other foster families aren't equipped or trained to take. 

Five years ago, Myke and Angela's son was sitting with a friend who was scared to be alone. They were later murdered by the young woman's ex-boyfriend. Angela was devasted, and paused their foster home for a time so they could heal. 

Knowing there was a need, and looking past their grief, Myke and Angela opened their home again to children in need. The Dudleys have saved children from horrific conditions and situations. Over the years, the Dudleys have fostered countless children!

Not long ago, a book lover's group called the MacPack raised money for the Dudleys. With that money, the Dudleys purchased a new, larger sofa, family photos, and some of the foster children received their first pair of Nikes. There is nothing the Dudleys won't do for the kids who seek shelter, comfort, and love in their home!

Because of foster rules and regulations, it's difficult to get permission to take all foster children out of state, but we would love for the Dudleys find something in Michigan that will forever live in the memories of the children in their care, in addition to buying new furniture, clothes, shoes, school supplies, and special treats like pizza and a trip to the movie theater! With eleven children, money goes fast, so we would like to raise as much money as we can for the Dudleys. Our goal is $5,000.00. Please help us exceed that goal! Anything helps. If you can spare $2.00, we would humbly appreciate your donation!

Thank you for reading, for caring, and for any donation you can give. ANYTHING helps. 

Help spread the word!
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