The Struggle is Real: Adapting to the New Market

I can do this and still write

I just had a talk with a fellow author about how much the industry has changed. I'm going to swallow my pride here, and it's going to get real for a second, so look away if you're easily outraged or think talking about $ isn't appropriate.

Some authors (including me) saw up to a seven-figure dip in income this year from last. Because of changes in the market and unchecked, rampant piracy, authors are leaving writing behind to return to full-time jobs--authors who had New York Times Bestsellers in 2016. I had two NYTBSs, and I still made significantly less.

I've recently been relieved, though, because I'd signed up this past summer with a Direct Sales company. I KNOW. You're rolling your eyes right now, but just bare with me. I signed up for personal use, because when you sign up, you get a 20-50% discount, and I genuinely loved the products. Well, as I posted selfies about LipSense and the other all-day wear, people asked me about it. I saw a graphic early on that talked about sponsoring because it paid commission. I didn't think much about it, but six months later, I'm reminded of the early days of self-publishing. Even splitting the income 50/50, Dee and I are paying bills and stashing money in savings.

Senegence has been a godsend for me

So... I don't want this to be a big spammy post, but if you're an  author and you're looking at taking an outside job, Senegence has been a godsend for me, and we're looking at making triple or quadruple this time next year. Maybe more. Who knows. It's exciting like the early days of indie publishing were exciting, and this is the time to get in on it. Those of you who came into a saturated indie market after 2014 know how much you wished you would have gotten in about 2012 like I did. I'm particularly relieved because I can do this and still write, and it's lucrative if you use your indie marketing smarts (that most of us had to have to sell books, anyway.)

If you'd like to know more, and you'e a US, Canada, UK, or AUS resident, email us at jamiedeekissthis at gmail. We can give you more info, or if you'd like to jump on the wagon now, you'll need a sponsor. Go to and follow the prompts to become an independent distributor. Our sponsor # is 197985. You can choose us or someone else, (you want to be on our team! It's breaking records and we're very hands on!) but this is something I wanted to share with my fellow struggling authors as a flexible way to make ends meet and still continue doing what you love.

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