Happy Birthday Travis!

We are celebrating Travis Maddox Birthday this month!

I wonder, how many of you still love him as much as we did the first time? RAISE YOUR HANDS! Let's talk a little bit about Travis to remind you all why we love this man, shall we?

We first met Travis in Beautiful Disaster, falling in love with ‘'Mad-Dog'' on the very first page. He was an underground fighter and definitely has this bad boy look going on, muscular body also covered in tattoos and a cut on his eyebrow. BAD BOY ALERT! And we L O V E reading about them, especially Travis. 

Depositphotos_73471747_original copy.jpg

Travis’s personality is also another thing we loved about him while reading Beautiful Disaster, Walking Disaster and A Beautiful Wedding. He can be charming, protective and very passionate about the people he loves, especially with Abby Abernathy and the rest of his family.


If you already know Travis and his story, comment on this post what's your favorite thing about him? If you still don't know who Travis Maddox is and the captivating love story between him and Abby, then it's time!

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