It's a Maddox Brothers’ Showdown

This is such a fun week in the McGuire world! We have not just one, but two book birthdays to celebrate! Beautiful Redemption was released on 1/27/15 and Beautiful Burn was released on 1/31/16/. What better way to celebrate than a Maddox brothers’ showdown?

Who’s it going to be? Team Thomas or Team Tyler?


Beautiful Redemption:

Features: Thomas Maddox & Liis Lindy

Thomas is a no-nonsense Special Agent in Charge for the FBI. As the oldest Maddox brother, he feels a great sense of duty and obligation to watch out for his younger, troublemaking brothers. Having been burned by a former flame, his guarded heart and mysterious ways wreak havoc on the female population. Until Agent Liis Lindy appears on the scene...


Beautiful Burn:

Features: Tyler Maddox & Ellie Edson

Tyler is a smooth-talking, lady-loving Interagency Hotshot. When he’s not working the fire scene with his identical twin, Taylor, he can be found drinking, fighting, or breaking the hearts of the women in Colorado. But what happens when he meets his match with local wild-child, Ellison Edson?


Happy Book Birthday, boys! Are you Team Thomas or Team Tyler? (Either way, you can’t lose, right?)

Let’s hear it!

Team Thomas or Team Tyler?
Team Thomas
Team Tyler
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