This has been such a fun month focusing on #McGuireLove! We’re in the last few days of February, so let’s keep it going.

Last week in my reader group (MacPack ← you in?) we talked falling in love. Whether you’re talking about Trex falling hard for Darby, Travis tatting himself up for Abby, Weston fighting for Erin, or any other McGuire couple, there’s something about the fall that makes me get all swoony just thinking about it.

Here are just a few of my favorite “I Love You” Moments:

  • When Claire finally tells Ryan she loves him too -“In case I forget to tell you later, I kinda love you.”  Check them out in the Providence series!

  • When Eden remembers their past and Levi tells her how he feels -  “I would rather miss you than never loved you. There hasn’t been a day when I didn’t feel that way.” Check them out in Sins of the Innocent (part two coming soon!)

  • Weston being there for Erin -  “When are you going to learn that I don’t judge you, Erin? I love everything about you. I always have.” Check them out in the Happenstance series!

  • Trex making Darby (and readers everywhere) swoon - “I’ve never met anyone like you, Trex.” “And you won’t, because no one can love you like I do. I’ll make sure it’s impossible.” Check them out in From Here to You!

  • Scarlett, Jenna and Hallee Re-uniting “I wasn’t sure if I collapsed, or if they did, but all three of us were sitting in a sobbing mess on the porch.”- Sometimes the “I love you”s are unspoken. You just can’t beat a mother’s love. Am I right? Check them out in Red Hill!

  • Tyler never giving up on Ellie - “I’ve loved every version of you there’s ever been. I’ll love whoever comes back.” Check them out in Beautiful Burn!

What’s your favorite McGuire “I Love You” moment? Let us know! And make sure you keep up with my Upcoming Projects. We’ve got more swoon-worthy “I Love You”s coming later this year!

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