Couple Profile: Trex & Darby

Scottie Solomon Trexler & Darby Rose Cooke Dixon

  • Trex: Atheist; Marine; former FBI; believer of The One;

  • Darby: Christian; Former East Texas; pregnant; runaway bride

  • How they met: Darby brought Trex a stack of towels to his room at The Colorado Springs Hotel

  • Birthdays:

    • T: June 4th

    • D: March 22nd

  • Hometowns:

    • T:

    • D: Fort Hood, TX

  • First date: dinner at Laundry & a movie

  • Darby’s Favorite Food: Meatloaf

  • Trex’s Car: ‘78 Toyota Land Cruiser

  • Siblings:

    • T: Hailey (sister)

    • D: Chase (deceased brother)

  • Professions:

    • T: Head of Security at the top-secret Cheyenne Mountain Complex

    • D: Works the front desk at The Colorado Springs Hotel

  • Trex’s Team: Martinez, Kitsch, Sloan, Harbinger & Abrams

  • Potential Baby Names: Adeline, Blake, Charlotte, Dillon, Evangeline, Finn, Grier, Harbor, Isabella, Juliet, Kennedy, Lydia, Madeleine, Nina, Olivia, Pacey, Quinn, Remy, Sunday, Tegan, Umber, Violet, Wren, & Zara

  • Favorite Moments & Quotes:

    • “Saying no was my new superpower, and I would use it every time I had the chance, from now on.” - Darby

    • Trex bringing Darby food

    • Anytime Trex talks about The One… like this time: “Now I’m here, and she’s right across the street, and I have to act like I haven’t been looking for her my entire adult life.”

    • Continental breakfast & late night chats

    • “I have a long, bad history with jerks” - D

“I can pretend to be one long enough to get your attention.” - T

“You have it.” - D

    • His “NFL celebration” when Darby agrees to a first date

    • “I wish you weren’t at work. I have an uncontrollable urge to kiss you.” - T

“Come back soon, then.” - D

    • “Fear makes people do stupid things, and nothing scares me more than losing you.”

    • Trex crying when they find out the baby’s gender

    • “You’d be proud of me walkin’ around in my birthday suit?”

    • “I’m so glad I’ve already told you I love you, because I want to say it right now, and I’m thinking you wouldn’t take me seriously.”

    • Picking out baby names

    • Daydreaming about their terrible, awesome life

    • Thanksgiving in the new house

    • “Did you just ask me to marry you? Because that was terrible.”

    • Painting Darby’s toenails

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