Book Signings & What They Mean to Authors

Readers everywhere, hands cramping from signing, carts of books, and smiles for days… nothing quite beats a book signing. If you’ve ever been, then you completely understand what I’m talking about. The energy and happiness radiating from fans is one of the best feelings ever.

What you might not understand is just how much these signings mean to the authors. No matter what we write, romance, new adult, fantasy, (insert genre types), we all start with the same thing: a dream. For me, it was a vision of angels and a story just dying to get out. I was a mom with a full-time job just taking life day-by-day. I never imagined I’d be here 10 years later with 23 books under my belt, hundreds of thousands of fans across the world, and masses of people who would stand in line for hours just to meet me. Wow!

Book signings are hard work, guys. Not only from the planning and logistical side of things, but they can be expensive for authors, grueling on the body with the hours of sitting, signing and smiling, and just mentally exhausting. We do it because it’s one of the ways we can show up for our fans the way they show up for us throughout our careers. I’ve meet some amazing fellow authors at these events, have been given some of the coolest fan-made gifts, and have had the opportunity to interact with readers who have become some of my closest friends.

I only have one signing on the schedule for this year (so far). But you guys keep attending and spreading the book love! Keep an eye out on my events page for other updates. You never know where I might show up.

THANK YOU to everyone who has come out to see me at a signing! You guys make it all worth it. Check out some pictures of previous signings below.

Jamie McGuireComment