The Edge of Us: Check Your Pre-Orders

Can you guys believe we’re less than three weeks away from The Edge of Us release day? I absolutely cannot wait for you to get your hands on Naomi & Zeke’s story.

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As you may know, I had originally planned to release this novel through Forever Romance. But after many conversations, edits, a few hard decisions, and a lot of thought, I’ve decided The Edge of Us, and the rest of the Crash and Burn series, will be self-published. While this is going to be what’s best for the series, our pre-order situation got a little more complicated. So, we’re going to walk you through it in five easy steps

  1. The original pre-orders offered with the red cover (pictured) need to be cancelled. The publisher should have taken care of most of these back in February but, just in case, you need to double check. If this is the cover showing for your order, it’s the wrong one and you need to cancel it. You should be able to go to your orders under whichever retailer and follow the steps to cancel.

2. Reorder - Once the original order has been cancelled, you’ll need to re-order:





Paperback: tba

Audiobook: tba

 3. Confirm - You should get a confirmation with the new, BEAUTIFUL, cover and the 6/11/2019 release date. 


I can’t reiterate this enough. If you don’t have the correct pre-order, you won’t get the book on release day! How sad would that be? Trust me, you’re going to want to meet the real Naomi and Zeke ASAP.

 4. Countdown the days, minutes, and seconds until you can get up-close-and-personal with the female Travis Maddox.

5. Read. Fall in love. Leave a review.


Thank you all so much for everything you’ve done to prep for this release! All the likes, comments, shares, and encouragement are so incredible and make all of our jobs over at Team McGuire so much easier. Be sure to keep sharing the love as we count down for June 11th!


The Edge of Us Synopsis

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Disaster comes a story of a fiercely independent war widow who falls for a protective hotshot firefighter in this gripping contemporary romance.

Widowed before thirty, Naomi Abrams has been through a lot. Her husband Matt sacrificed his life to save his Marine brothers. Daughter of the US modern militia’s founder, heartbroken Naomi joins the Marines in Matt’s place, too-ready to do anything to help protect his team—men who are like brothers to her now. Retiring together to the town of Colorado Springs, they’ve assembled to take on the job of security at the top-secret military base, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. As they struggle to adjust to their civilian lives, they also discover new dangers.

Zeke Lund has been alone since being bumped out of the foster system at age eighteen, and now his rag-tag family consists of his hotshot brothers and sisters. Shattered by his first love, Zeke never planned to fall for someone again, especially not during fire season in the Colorado mountains, but Naomi is unlike anyone he’s ever met. She’s strong, stubborn, and takes exactly zero crap from anyone. At the top of a freezing canyon, the fire glowing down below, Zeke finally admits he may have feelings for the widow with the foul mouth and broken soul. When his health begins to fail, he wonders if he should love her enough to let her go or let her fight with him—with the real possibility of burying another man she loves.

Despite hurt, pain, fires, and illness, two strong people with fragile hearts struggle to beat the odds… and their love might just be strong enough to survive it all. 

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