Day Two: New friends

 ♪♫ ♪♫ Travismas is the most wonderful tiiiiiime of the year!  ♪♫ ♪♫


I loved the tagging contest! We had fantastic participation, and I'm excited to announce the winners of the basket o' audiobooks! Included in the basket are Red Hill, Beautiful Disaster, Walking Disaster, A Beautiful Wedding (which is really fantastic, btw!), and a few more from my favorite authors. 

There were two winners from Twitter entries, and three from Facebook. The winners of the awesome audio baskets are:

Jodie Brown @ibelongtoyou09


 Little Miss @boomginger


 Danielle Harris


Patty Jacobs


 Erin Marie Fisher


Congratulations! Please email with the subject line "audio winner" by midnight, CST to claim your prize!

Didn't win? No fear! There are still THREE days of Travismas left, and the prizes really do get bigger and BETTER every day! You can also pre-order the audio book for A Beautiful Wedding here:

For physical CD book:

For Audible Audio Download:

And, I must say, author Tammara Webber's (Easy, Between the Lines series) son Zachary Webber narrates for the Travis POV (ABW is told from both Abby and Travis's POVs) with the original Abby, Emma Galvin. Zach narrated for Nathan in Red Hill's audiobook, and his voice is drop dead sexy! (Can I say that about Tammara's son? Slightly weird, but true!)

You won't believe what tomorrow's prize will be. Want a hint? Oh, hell, we all know I can't keep a secret. 

Tomorrow's winner will have a chance to be a character in the next Maddox Brothers book (release fall 2014)!!!! You read that correctly.  Trent's story will be told from the POV of Cami (who you might remember from Walking Disaster), and Cami's BFF could be named after YOU! All you have to do is:

1. Create an Instagram video about why Cami's best friend should be your namesake

2. Tag me (@JamieMcGuire_)

3. Hashtag #Travismas

4. Hashtag #ABeautifulWedding!


That's it!

Not on Instagram? It is super easy to sign up, follow me (JamieMcGuire_),  and even easier to make a short video.  You literally just hold the camera button. Pretty easy, huh? Check out some of my videos for a laugh and to see how it's done. I was schooled by Colleen Hoover, the Instagram Video Master. Once you figure it out, you'll become addicted like me. Mwahahaha!

I'll choose the winner tomorrow evening (CST), so get your video in before then!


Even more ways to win for my lovely Brit readers! Simon & Schuster UK has just kicked off their competition, too! 

Jamie McGuire week has officially begun on The Hot Bed!