Day Three: Cami's BFF is ...

When I came up with this contest, I honestly didn't think it would be so hard. I didn't realize so many would enter. I watched every video twice. Some of them 3-4 x's. It came down to 3 finalists:

Blia, Jorie, and Raegan. Ashley, based on support alone, is honorable mention. At some point in time, I saw a lot of #TeamAshley's on Twitter and Instagram, which is just amazing! In the end, though, I could only choose one for Cami's BFF. I even bargained with myself, "Well maybe X could be the sister!", but in Walking Disaster, Cami is the only sister of 3 brothers. I couldn't change it, now.

So, without further ado, the namesake of Cami's best friend will be:

Raegan! (username: raeganhaberer) Congrats to you! If you'd like to see Raegan's Instagram video, check it out at:

HOWEVER, I couldn't let the other two go home empty handed. So Blia and Jorie will be characters in the book, too! You'll have to wait and see what parts those characters play. :) Also, ALL FOUR finalists will get EARLY COPIES of Trent's book (as-yet-unnamed), so they don't have to wait quite as long to find out. ;)

All of the videos were fantastic, and again, it was incredibly difficult. I wish I could have chosen them all!

Didn't win? No worries, we still have TWO DAYS LEFT of #Travismas! As incredible as today's prize was, tomorrow's prize is going to be off-the-charts fabulous! What is it? A basket of my favorite things! What does that mean? One lucky winner will get:

A Beats Pill (color of your choice)

My favorite Estee Lauder Lip Gloss

$25.00 iTunes gift card

$25.00 Starbucks gift card

My favorite plush robe

Uggs Ansley moccasins

Bath & Body Works RED lotion

Taylor Swift perfume

A Daryl Dixon action figure from the Walking Dead

Signed books from some of my favorite authors

A Kindle Fire HDX

A Property of Travis Maddox T-shirt

The Twilight DVD Box Set


Sound good? Yay-uh it does! What kind of torture must you endure to enter to win? If you're only on Facebook, simply LIKE and SHARE the corresponding Facebook post from my wall. You can find it here:


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For my tweeps:

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If you're on both, do both! More entries = better odds.

Good luck! (can you imagine what TOMORROW'S prize will be??)