Some Things. And Stuff.

A lot of things are sold out in the website store. That's because it's *sniff* closing. That's right! Whatever items you see are what is available until the end of time! Okay, that's not true, there are a few items like annual POTM shirts and limited signed copies of new releases that we will still make available, but everything else is now a collector's item. We are looking into other options that don't require us to keep stock at our home, but for now, it's grab-it-while-you-can. You can still find a few Trentalicious T's and Mrs. Maddox tanks in various sizes, and Happenstance sets, and of course hardbacks of Beautiful Redemption and Beautiful Sacrifice. Get them while you can, because once they're gone, they're gone! Be sure to check back regularly in the month before a release. We will still offer signed copies to the first 200 or so readers, but it will be first come, first serve. 

WHERE IS JAMIE? It's true. I went from doing events every month or so to none at all. If you haven't noticed from my incessant pictures on Facebook, we've recently moved to Colorado. While we get settled in, I've scaled back my public appearances to a minimum. As a matter-of-fact, my last public appearance for the foreseeable future will be Love N. Vegas next month. I have no other appearance planned, with the exception of the occasional local signing in Colorado. You can check out my events page to see if I might be at a bookstore near you. I am going to miss seeing your gorgeous faces!

June 28 is the release of the highly anticipated Providence novella, Sins of the Innocent. Next up is everyone's favorite one-click, Something Beautiful! Shepley and America are finally getting their book, and oh, is it fun! For release week, I have two signed copies of Fifty Shades of Grey! Get your sharing/liking finger ready, because we're going to use it! Stay tuned for information on the next book, Sweet Nothing, a novel I'm co-authoring with Teresa Mummert. We can basically tell you nothing because ...well, that's the theme and this story is going to blow off both your socks and you'll be missing an earring. YES. We will go there.

Have you checked out the playlists on the website? How about the FAQ? All kinds of fun stuff here if you poke around. 

Oh! One more thing: I have some BIG NEWS coming up at the end of summer. Huge. Not, "Oh, that wasn't that big of a deal" huge. This is groundbreaking stuff, friends. I can't wait to share it with you!