From Here to You: Let’s Talk HOTSHOTS!

So what’s hotter than a Maddox man? We’ve had the Battle of Boyfriends which is totally a win-win whenever you think about it because no matter WHO you choose, you’re still choosing a Maddox. Dare I suggest something might be hotter than a Maddox man? I’ll let you decide that. For now, let’s talk Trex, hotshots, and From Here to You!


There have been a lot of comments out in the social media universe asking “Who is Trex?” *GASP* Well, allow me to refresh your memory…

We first met Scottie “Trex” Trexler in Beautiful Redemption as the former FBI agent who Val had a crush on and who previously occupied Liis’ cubicle.

Next, fast forward to Beautiful Sacrifice where Falyn waits on Trex, Taylor, and some of the hotshot crew when they come in for lunch. The next time Taylor comes in, he discloses that Trex isn’t on their crew and they met him at their hotel. He also appears later in the book giving updates to Falyn and Ellison regarding the hotshot crew.

“Trex is getting updates every half and hour from his people.”
“His people?”
Ellison shrugged. “I don’t know. He just said his people.”

The most we hear about Trex is throughout Beautiful Burn. Now, keep in mind that parts of all the Maddox books overlap on the timeline. The scene below occurs from Ellie’s perspective at the hotshot barracks:

Nineteen hotshots were standing behind the sofa, listening to Tyler talk to a stranger in a dark suit and tie. The man was sitting on one of the recliners with a notepad and pen.
I approached the crowd, listening in.
“So, you haven’t spoken to your brothers about the fire? the man said.
“I mean, yeah,” Tyler answered. “I'm an alumnus of Eastern. He’s a student. We belong to the same fraternity, and we lost brothers in that fire.”
“But you’re sure he wasn’t there,” the man said. “ I would like to remind you that I’m a federal agent, and it’s imperative that you’re honest.”
“He already gave you an answer, Agent Trexler,” Taylor said, his voice firm.
I swallowed. Tyler had gotten the phone call about the fire back in March. I wondered why they were just now questioning him.
The agent looked up at Taylor. “Did he speak to you about it?”
“No,” Taylor said. “I heard about it from Tyler.”
Trexler pointed his pen at the twin on the sofa. “And you’re Tyler.”
“Correct,” Tyler said.
Trexler looked down at his notepad. “It’s interesting that you’re a…”
“Interagency hotshot,” Fish said. “And a damn good one.”
Trexler suppressed a grin. “Your father is under the impression that you’re an insurance agent. Were you? An insurance agent?”
“No,” Tyler said.
“Why does your father think that you are?”
Taylor shifted his weight from one foot to the other, tightening his grip on his arms. I could see his biceps tensing.
“Our mother died when we were kids,” Tyler said. “It would upset our dad if he knew what we did.”
“So,” the agent said, “do you think it’s a safe assumption that he wouldn’t be aware that Travis fought in an underground fight ring for the purposes of illegal gambling on his college campus?”
“Travis wasn’t at the fire,” Tyler said, his expression blank.
“Is that all you need, agent? These boys just came off almost two weeks on the mountain. They need to rest.” Sage said, his red beard twitching when he spoke.
Agent Trexler scanned each face of the hotshot crew, and then nodded. “Sure. I’ll be contacting your superintendent to let him know I’ll need open communication. This is an active investigation, and your brother is a person of interest. Your cooperation will be the best thing you can do for Travis now.”
Trex appears a handful more times at the hotel, flirting with the front desk receptionist, Darby, and further questioning the Maddox brothers. Ellie tells Tyler to watch himself because something seems off about Trex… But who is he? FBI agent? Former agent? Fire secret psychic? One of the hotshots on Chief, Smitty, Taco, Watts, Jubal, Fish, Sage, Bucky, Slick, Sugar, Cat, Scooter, Baggins, Jew, Sancho, Runt, Puddin’, Pup, Liam, and Jack’s crew?

Find out in From Here to You releasing on August 21, 2018! Need a refresher or to catch up? You’ve got 8 weeks for a reading challenge!