Ah, sweet summertime. The kids are all out of school and it seems like everyone is going on vacation and enjoying the sunshine! One thing I always love is getting to see pictures of readers visiting places they read about in my books. The Bellagio, Estes Park, KC Barbeque, St. Thomas, enjoying a delicious cherry dipped cone from DQ...Every time I see readers so happy to be experiencing a part of my stories in real life, it brings a smile to my face.


So, I have to know... Anyone have any #McGuireTravel coming up? Let's see pictures! Let me know if you see any of those Maddox boys out in the wild.

Check out some travel pics from MacPackers below!

What about the time I took some readers on an Red Hill Tour?

Who is planning on coming to see me and checking Providence off of their #McGuireTravel List this October at the Renaissance Author Event? I can’t wait!

See you there, Michelle and Cheyenne!

See you there, Michelle and Cheyenne!

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