Couple Profile: Thomas & Liis

Thomas James Maddox & Liis Lindy

  • Where they met: Cutter’s Pub

  • Cars: black Land Rover Defender and a Toyota Camry

  • Professions: FBI special agents

  • Thomas’ Birthday: March 17th

  • Daughter: Stella

  • Favorite Moments & Quotes:

    • “What’s your name?” “Not interested.” “That’s a terrible name.”

    • FD 302 showdown in the fitness center

    • “You like me.” “I… you’re okay I guess.”

    • “I loved her first,” Thomas said. “But you, Liis…you are the last woman I will ever love.”

    • Sharing an umbrella

    • “Lack finesse? I’m going to lack his finesse all over the fucking squad room. I covered my mouth even though I hadn’t sworn out loud. They might have a point.” - Liis

    • Dinner with Agent Sawyer

    • “We can stop pretending, Sir.” - Liis

    • Intellectual foreplay

    • First aid

    • “We’re not wounded, Liis. We’re matching scars.”

What are some of YOUR favorite Thomas & Liis moments and quotes? Let us know!

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