Couple Profile: Trent & Cami

Trenton Allen Maddox & Camille Camlin

  • Nicknames:
  • T: Trent, Shit stain (thanks, Travis…)
  • C: Cami, Baby Doll
  • Where they met: School when they were kids in Eakins
  • Cars:
  • T: Dodge Intrepid
  • C: CJ Jeep ‘the Smurf’
  • Birthdays:
  • T:  July 4th
  • C: May 6th
  • Professions: Tattoo Artist & Business Manager at Skin Deep Tattoo and fill-in at The Red Door
  • Favorite Moments & Quotes:
  • Chicken Joes with Olive
  • Pretty much any interaction with Hazel
  • Tattoo Therapy
  • New Year’s kiss
  • Trent dancing around in a thong to Britney Spears
  • “I hope you like Cherry Coke, baby doll, or we can’t be friends.” - Trent
  • “I was just thinking now was as good a time as any to acknowledge that you’re perfect and it wouldn’t suck if you fell madly in love with me anytime.” - Trent
  • “Is your ass jealous of the amount of shit that comes out of your mouth?” - Cami
  • “What’d I say?” - Trent
  • “I am the one, Cami. I’m it for you. I know because you’re it for me.” - Trent
  • "If I'm going to lose it, I want to be broken in right." - Cami
  • “I have a bad case of awkward as fuck” - Cami

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