Couple Profile: Tyler & Ellie

Tyler Maddox & Ellison Edson

  • Where they met: Party at Ellie’s parents
  • T’s birthday: January 1st
  • Professions:
    • T - Interagency Hotshot
    • E - Field Photographer
  • Wedding date: November 7th
  • Kids: Gavin
  • Favorite Moments & Quotes:
    • “I’ve got $500 on Maddox.” - Ellie
    • “She’s not dead. Just transitioning. Like a butterfly.”- T “That’s deep, Maddox.”- E “I’ve been deeper,” he said with a smirk.
    • Photography Survivor
    • Ellie meeting the hotshot crew
    • Working and camping at the fire line
    • “You’re either mine or you’re not.” - T “I’m not anyone else's.” - E
    • Unpacking Tyler’s apartment
    • “I fell in love with you. It’s been coming for a while. I tried not to.” - Tyler
    • Maddox Family Thanksgiving
    • “I want to be gross with you.”
    • “I’ve loved every version of you there’s ever been. I’ll love whoever comes back.” - Tyler
    • “I’ve put you through hell.” - E “If you’re the fire, Ellie… I’ll burn.” - T
    • Edson Family Dinner

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