Couple Profile: Shepley & America

Shepley Walker Maddox & America Mason

  • Who are they?
    • S - The Maddox Brothers baby cousin
    • A - Abby’s BFF
  • Where they met: Freshmen Orientation at Eastern State University
  • First date: Picnic
  • Shepley’s Car: Charger
  • Kids: Ezra, Eli, Emerson
  • Shepley’s Profession: Football Scout
  • Favorite Moments & Quotes:
    • “I’m not sure I can handle you.” “You won’t know unless you try.”
    • “I might be fast, but I liked to be kissed slow.”
    • “Holy shit. I think I’m in love.”
    • Going out at The Red Door with Travis & Abby
    • “You’ll love me forever?” “Longer.”
    • Going to Vegas, baby!
    • Road tripping up Route 36
    • “Close your eyes, baby.”

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