Couple Profile: Levi & Eden

Levi & Eden

  • Full names:

    • Eden Ryel

    • Leviathan

  • Levi: Cambion; half human Son of Satan

  • Eden: daughter of Nina (a Merovingian) and Jared (hybrid)

  • E’s School: Providence All Saints Academy

  • ‘First’ time they met: Coffee shop

  • E’s Car: Audi R8

  • Nicknames:

    • E: The Royal Spawn (thanks, Aunt Claire)

  • Favorite Moments & Quotes (so far):

  • Eden sparring with Bex & Claire

  • “Loneliness and fear aren’t real. They’re not feelings. They’re only things that happen to us.”

  • “I’m not fighting you.” - E “Why not?” - L “Because you want me to.” - E

  • “You are the most beautiful when you’re stubborn. Thankfully, it’s often.” - L

  • Standing up to the bullies for Morgan

  • Dinner at Capriccio

  • “This is a weird date.” - L “It’s not a date. It’s a meeting.” - E “Well, that’s disappointing.” - L

  • “Death is fair trade for an evening with you.” - L

  • Talking at The Rose Island Lighthouse

  • “You’re both, you’re all, you’re everything.” - L

  • Training together

  • “Fear isn’t real.”

  • “I’ll see you soon.”

What are some of YOUR favorite Eden & Levi moments and quotes? Let us know! Catch up on the first part of their story with the novella, Sins of the Innocent!

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