Couple Profile: Ryan & Claire

Ryan & Claire

  • Full names:

    • Claire Ryel

    • Ryan Scott

  • Claire: Hybrid - half-human/half fallen angel’s daughter; Jared’s sister

    • Special skills: trained under all branches of the military, including tactical, structure penetration, reconnaissance, patrolling, hand-to-hand combat, demolitions, weapons and field medicine. Best sniper the military has ever seen. Super sarcasm abilities.

  • Ryan: Human; Claire’s Taleh, friend of Nina

    • Ex-Army Special Forces; Providence PD

  • First time they met: The pub with Nina and her friends

  • Claire’s Car: Phantom Black Lotus Exige S 260

  • Favorite Moments & Quotes (so far):

    • “Was that good for you, baby?” - C

    • Ryan defending Nina

    • Claire’s hot pink duffle bag of tricks

    • “I’ll rip out your throat before I let you touch her!” - C (and pretty much every other time she’s a demon fighting badass.)

    • “I have sand in places no woman should experience.” - C

    • Saving Ryan’s life in the desert.

    • Bombarding Claire at Cynthia’s

      • “I’m not leaving until I see you!” - R “What are you going to do? Wave your shiny badge around and impress us to death?” - C

    • Arm wrestling

    • “I can’t wear stilettos on a hit.” - Nina.

Claire wrinkled her nose. “Why not? I do it all the time.”

    • Fighting Mr. Puff and Claire saving Ryan’s life. Again.

    • “Better late than never, gorgeous.” - R “Shut up.” - C

    • The first time Ryan said I Love You

    • Ryan pointed at Claire. “ just shot me!”

            Claire rolled her eyes. “You’re such a baby. That wasn’t even close.”

            “The bullet blew air by my eyeball!” he said, dramatically pointing to his eye.

            “Fine,” she said in a huff. “I’ll put it away so you don’t pee your pants, big Special Forces man.”

    • Talking on the porch swing

    • “I told you I wouldn't give up.” - R

    • “I just want you! Whatever that is, I want it!” - R

    • “Sometimes you gotta dance with the devil to get out of Hell.” - R

    • “In case I forget to tell you later, I kinda love you.” - C

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