Happy 5th Book Birthday, Red Hill!!

Can you believe it’s already been five years since we first met Scarlet, Nathan, and all of the undead? I am a major enthusiast for all things Halloween, zombie, and undead related. Shufflers, Sick, Zombies, the Infected, Those Things, Dead Ones, Biters, Cows, Creepers, Teds… whatever you call them, October always gets me in the mood for a visit to Red Hill Ranch! Plus… have you listened to the RH Audiobook? Easily one of my favorite McGuire audiobooks. We’re celebrating 5 years with a special Zombie Survival Guide: Blog Edition!

J's Survival Guide.png


  • Sturdy, survival type clothing. Long sleeves, cargo pants, hiking boots, hats, etc.

  • Weapons: guns, knives, grenades, etc. (Where’s Claire Ryel’s duffel bag when you need it?)

  • Flashlights, batteries, and matches

  • First Aid Kit and medicine

  • A Jeep or some other sturdy zombie-proof vehicle

  • A stronghold or fortress. Preferably one with:

    • A generator or two.

    • Water

    • Canned goods and/or a stockpile of MREs

    • Blankets

    • Toolbox

    • A water well

  • Local City, State and Country maps

  • Backpack for carrying supplies

  • Night vision goggles and binoculars

  • Good aim! You have to shoot Teds in the head.

  • A copy of Red Hill


  • Make a lot of noise.

  • Panic.

  • Plan on driving long distances. Fuel will only last so long, right?

  • Congregate in a City or with a large group of people.

  • Harbor loved ones who have been turned.

  • Think you can count on cell phones or anything with electricity.

  • Let them bite you.

What are your tips and tricks for surviving the zombie apocalypse? Have a plan? Let us know!

You can catch up on (or revisit) Scarlet & Nathan’s story with your copy of Red Hill today! Also  hear Jenna and Halle’s side of the story with novella Among Monsters.

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