Couple Profile: Erin & Weston

Erin Easter & Weston Gates

  • Where they Met: In school together since Kindergarten

  • Hometown: Blackwell, Oklahoma

  • Erin: works at Dairy Queen, grew up with an addict Mother, victim of bullying

  • Weston: baseball star, ex-boyfriend to one of Erin’s bullies, Mr. Popular, has asthma, loves cherry dip cones

  • Favorite Drinks: Mountain Dew & Fanta Orange

  • Cars:

    • E: Red BMW

    • W: Red Chevy Truck

  • Schools of choice:

    • E: Oklahoma State University

    • W: The Art Institute of Dallas

  • First Kiss: At his house after showing her the framed art project

  • Favorite Moments & Quotes:

    • Weston finally standing up for Erin

    • Weston picking Erin up from work

    • “There are a hundred reasons why not. I was asking about the one reason why I’m here.” - E

    • “I’m not… helpless.” - E

    • “Oh, I know. I just think you’re due for a little special treatment.” - W

    • Hanging out in the basement

    • “You smell like ice cream.” - W

      “So?” - E

      “I’m just kind of wondering if you taste like it.” - W

    • “I don’t know what I want to do with the rest of my life. And I feel like… I feel like you’re the only person in the world that doesn’t expect me to. What I do know is that I wasn’t happy about the direction my life was going until you got into my truck that first night. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, Erin. I’m just… I’m just winging it. I was kinda hoping you would wing it with me.”

    • Giving her the necklace in the back of his truck

    • “I’ve thought you were kind of amazing since kindergarten.” - E

    • “When you think about something enough, you start dreaming about it. And when you dream about something enough, you just have to hope that it becomes a reality.” - W

    • “I’ve gotten really good at loving you from a distance.” - W

    • When he calls her ‘Babe’ for the first time

    • “You only have one life. One shot. Don’t waste it on someone else’s dream.” - E

    • Weston fighting to win his baseball game

    • Paint fight at the mural

    • Plan B Prom

    • “I don’t dance.” - E

      “I don’t either but I’ll dance with you.” – W

    • “Right now is the best it’s ever been for me. In this moment, you’re my entire universe, shining in all the right places.” - E

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