Happy Book Birthday, Eden!

Did you see? Eden turned 7 this weekend! This intense, beautiful book is the third and final installment of the Providence series. All the buildup and anticipation from Providence and Requiem come to fruition in this final, epic battle for Jared and Nina to protect their unborn child.

So, we at Team McGuire and readers from around the world are screaming Happy Birthday, Eden!

Check out what some fans had to say about Eden:

“She’s done it…AGAIN! I have died and gone to Eden. I wonder if Jamie McGuire ever gets tired of knocking me straight on my ass? Seriously!!” - Tough Critic Book Reviews

“This is without doubt my favorite book in this series. It starts from where Requiem left off and the ride was a slow build start then suddenly it took off and there was no room to breathe what with all the twists and turns!” - Gitte TotallyBookedBlog

“This was the perfect ending to the series. I also feel this is the strongest and best book in the series. Sure, I loved watching Jared and Nina fall for each other in Providence, but there is a truly epic tone to this book.

The intensity in this book is unmatched. You can almost feel the buildup yourself. You're waiting for the moment when all Hell is going to break loose. Literally. And when it does... Wow! I was astounded with the attention to details and knowledge Jamie wrote with.” - Goodreads reviewer

Catch up with Eden and the rest of the series here! You can also read the novella Sins of the Innocent for another look into the Providence world.

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