Couple Profile: Naomi & Zeke

Naomi Abrams & Zeke Lund

Where they met: McCormack’s Pub


  • N: marine; security team member at the top-secret Cheyenne Mountain Complex; former security in Las Vegas

  • Z: Hotshot

Zeke: Raised by foster parents, Brad & Jen; has 11 foster siblings; from Kremmling, Colorado; tattoo of “the black”

Naomi: Widow; raised in Sasabe, Arizona; Dad (Victor) founded the modern US militia; often talks/yells at herself; extremely competitive; the female Travis Maddox

 “The Exes”:

  • N: Peter; Matt - her husband

  • Z: Becca

Naomi’s Weapons: Vicky her Glock 26, a Ruger named Chuck Norris, and a Beretta named Cecil.

Naomi’s Car: Olive-green Toyota FJ

Some of our favorite moments and quotes:

  • A “fun” TKO when Naomi jumped into a fight for Zeke

  • “Damn. You’re mean as fuck.” “Yes. I am. Go away.”

  • Boyfriend stuff & trial dates

  • “Maybe” and first kisses

  • “I can stay for a while… if you want.” - Z “Stay for the night.” - N “Okay, but I’m not sleeping with you…”

  • Comparing six packs & battle scars

  • “I know this is hard for you, but it’s worth it to me. I wanna be that for you.” “Be what” “Worth it.”

  • Rescue Mission X3

  • “She smooths out my edges, but that’s because she’s like sandpaper. She drives me nuts, but I have to be around her. Does that make sense? It’s hard to explain.”

  • Freak out after the “L” word

  • “Are you proposing? “Doesn’t that sound like something I would do?” “ Hell yeah, I’ll marry you.”

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