Happy Birthday, FHTY!

Can you believe it’s already been a year since the release of From Here to You? Just twelve short months ago we got to see Darby Dixon escape her personal hell and get a fresh start. As if she wasn’t loveable enough, we got to know the swoon-worthy Trex after meeting him earlier in Beautiful Redemption and Beautiful Sacrifice.

Last week we celebrated A Beautiful Funeral and talked through a little taste of what you get to see in the book. We’re keeping the party going and celebrating all things FHTY!

Again, without getting too spoilery, here’s what you get to see in Book #1 of the Crash and Burn series:

Runaway bride.

Creepy mountain complex.



The One.

Maddox brothers.

Baby fever.

Dangerous fire rescues.

Psychotic ex.


Swoon-worthy quotes like → “Fear makes people do stupid things, and nothing scares me more than losing you.”

Are you ready to get your copy (or re-read)? Celebrate and get From Here to You today! 

You can also continue the story and find out more about the Crash and Burn gang in Book #2: The Edge of Us ← now available!

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