A Beautiful Funeral Celebration

I can hardly believe it’s been three years since we got to revisit the Maddox family in A Beautiful Funeral. This was such an incredible book to write because I got to go back and love on all of our crazy, loud, loveable Maddoxes and share what they’ve been up to since Beautiful Burn. I love the alternate viewpoints and glimpses into what Travis, Abby, Trent, Cami, Thomas, Liis, Taylor, Falyn, Tyler, Ellie, Jim, Olive, Shep, America, and the rest of the gang are doing as adults (and parents). Just like with the rest of the books, we get the good, the bad, and everything in between.

If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, here’s what you need to know about our latest Maddox family book:

  1. It’s not the end. - We’ve got more Maddox family coming so make sure you’re caught up!

  2. Don’t be afraid. - If you’ve read the rest of the Maddox series, you’ve stuck with them through rehab, fights, break-ups, loss, and falling in love. You can handle this book! It may hurt a little, but it’s truly beautiful.

Without getting too spoilery, I want to give you a taste of what you get to see in this book. Ready? Here we go…

Liis giving birth.

Hollis Maddox acting like his Daddy and uncles.

Commander Tyler Maddox.

Firefighters at work.

Teenage Olive.

Papa Jim.

FBI stakeouts.

Pregnant Abby.

Shep and America’s kids.

Car wreck.

Family fighting.


Anger issues.

Nights at the Red Door.

Alyssa, Hollis and Falyn face-to-face.

Baby talk.

A meditating, full-lotus-position soccer mom.

Secrets, lies, tears, loyalty, love, and ALL THE MADDOX FAMILY GOODNESS.

Here are just a few popular quotes from A Beautiful Funeral:

  1. “I kissed her temple, and we continued through the doors. Our past was now and now was in the past. Just as she’d promised, we were together again, in a moment of no sickness or pain—only love. And when love was real, so was forever.” 

  2.  “She liked it dark when her soul felt black”

  3.  “From the moment you become aware of a secret, the inevitable question arises: what price will you pay to keep it?”

  4.  “Love was fucking terrifying, laying your heart out in the open for someone else to protect or trample.” 

  5. It’s hard to see the light in circumstances like this, even if you’re holding the candle.”

Ready to read it yet? To celebrate ABF’s third book birthday, I put this baby on sale for $1.99! Get your copy and start reading today.

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