Interview with the MacPack

Last week, we asked MacPack members for questions and ideas they wanted to see discussed in the blog. Well, I hereby give you an official Interview with the MacPack!

  1. What are your favorite scenes to write? Couples fighting and brotherly shit talking.

  2. What are your least favorite scenes to write? Sex scenes

  3. We know Travis Maddox was based on a real person. What about the other brothers? How did you come up with them? Their personalities developed as I wrote them. They’re total fiction.

  4. What about the ladies in the Maddox world? Where did their inspiration come from? Different places. Abby is a little bit me, but mostly personality traits in others that I admire. The others, again, developed as I wrote.

  5. Why did you decide to make all the Maddox boys have holidays for birthdays? April Fools came up in Beautiful Disaster and I just thought it would be fun and unique to continue the trend (and easy to remember).

  6. When it comes to your characters, how many of them are adapted from real people?  Travis, Shepley, America, Brazil, Scarlet, Halee, Jenna, Tozzi, Christy

  7. Do you have a character that never stops talking to you? Scarlet. She’s a mom in a high anxiety environment. She’s always planning.

  8. How do you keep all the character details straight? Do you have a timeline with photos and maps hanging up in your basement like criminologists do to keep up with your characters and storyline? Landers, Lisa Hadley, Misty Horn, and a handful of other helpful and brilliant readers!

  9. Is there a character you would redo? If so, why? Nope.

  10. What was the “fastest” story to come together? The Edge of Us - 6 weeks

  11. What genre do you prefer to write? Horror/Suspense

  12. Has your mom read all your books? If so, which is her favorite? No. LOL. Probably Providence. Anything less racy and minimal language.

  13. What’s your favorite thing to do for fun? Karaoke

  14. What’s your dream vacation destination? Maldives

  15. What’s your favorite movie or quote? ALIENS - “get away from her you bitch!” - Ripley

  16. What’s your go to Karaoke song to sing? If I Ain’t Got You

  17. What’s it like being a Mom and an author? Difficult. Maintaining balance as a mom is trying in general. Plus being a single mom is hard.

  18. What’s one of your pet peeves? Entitlement. 

  19. Best advice you have ever been given for writing? Don’t wait until you feel like it and pay attention to edits.

  20. What YOUR favorite McGuire book? Red Hill/Among Monsters

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions!

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