It’s been four years since we got a glimpse into the lives of our favorite Providence kids: Eden and Levi! I’ve had so much fun diving back into the Providence world while working on  Sins of the Innocent Pt 2 (<- official title TBA) and getting ready for the new covers. To help celebrate all things SOTI, we’re doing a quick recap.


We talked a little bit about it in our much longer post for the Providence Series Recap, but here’s what we know:

  • Eden is the prophesied daughter of Jared Ryel and Nina Grey while Levi is the son of Satan.

  • As long as Eden preserves The Balance (and remains neutral), she cannot be harmed per God’s rule. 

  • Levi’s Bible foretells of Eden’s demise to increase Lucifer’s power. Thus, he was tasked to ensure Eden’s failure on Earth. He doesn’t have to kill her, just ensure she dies. 

  • Once taking her to his home, Levi tells Eden their story and she remembers. He and Eden were in love and despite what might happen, decided to go and appeal to the Creator. Levi was taken away and Eden found herself in a dark room facing punishment. Levi bargained for a second chance and they were sent to Earth. They’ve known each other and been in love in previous lives.

  • Eden ends up trading her life for her best friend, Morgan’s.


Fans have been asking for more of their story for YEARS and I can’t wait to finally give it to them. Here are some of our favorite reviews:

  • “My jaw is on the floor and there are tears running down my cheeks!! Sins of the Innocent completely blew me away and was better than I ever imagined! SOTI follows the story of Eden Ryel the daughter of Nina and Jared Ryel from the Providence series as she struggles to fulfill her destiny. Her story is filled with all kinds of twists and turns that make her journey both amazing and heartbreaking. Jamie McGuire knows how to entertain her readers and keep them on the edge of their seats. SOTI had me laughing, crying rivers, and left wanting more, but I know we will see them again. Well I hope at least. LOL FIVE STARS FOR SINS OF THE INNOCENT!!! Read it NOW!! It's AMAZING!!!” - Inked Avenue Book Blog

  • “I loved the way that Jamie added in her twists and turns, her surprises and holy sh*t moments. Eden is so strong and knows what she has to do. I had a death grip on my kindle and I may have even yelled at it a couple of times, thinking I could somehow change what was happening. It will pull you in and keep you in its grasp until the last page, and even after you're done reading it you'll still be thinking about it.” - Rebecca, Amazon reviewer

  •  “Even after a few days, I'm still speechless. This book was beautiful...everything I thought it would be and more.” - Kris, Goodreads reviewer

  • “If you haven't read the Providence Trilogy, you definitely should. It is one of my favorite stories and what got me hooked on Jamie McGuire books. Sins of the Innocent is a perfect follow up to the Providence Trilogy that keeps you turning the pages as fast as you can. The ending had my jaw on the floor, but it was absolutely the best conclusion possible. As always, the character development and writing style pulls the reader into the story and keeps you there til the end. This is definitely a must read!” - Alamea, Amazon reviewer

  • “The Providence series is one of my favorite series ever. I was so happy to find out that Jamie was writing this novella. I loved getting a glimpse into the mature lives of Nina & Jared, and learning about their daughter. I could not put this book down! Eden & Levi are so cute together....the ending, which was a bit of cliffy, left me devastated and I sure hope there is more to come! Oh, the feels…” - Michele, Amazon reviewer

You still have time to pre-order signed bundles here.  Sets will include SIGNED copies of Providence, Requiem, Eden, SOTI part one, and SOTI part two. We’ll be sure to announce when we have an anticipated release and shipping dates.

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